Getting Social with Lonely Goat RC

Thanks to LG Andy for permission to use this image

Recently I bumped into someone I was friends with in school.

We were both very good at school athletics back in the day, and found we had something in common still, having both returned to running as adults following an extended break, and in going on to running a half marathon.

My friend had joined (and left) a local running club.

I’ve not managed to join a club although I considered it for a while – I don’t like talking while running, or making small talk at the best of times. I don’t want to be under pressure to compete and for my efforts to affect club ranking either ⤵😆 oh, and my commitments don’t fit with their timetable.

You’re going to get all kinds of folks in any club – I tend to think that they’re a bit elitist, but not having been in one its clearly my own prejudice!

I do like to read loads of running, fitness, nutritional and kit related stuff online though – and sure enough the net was watching me!

I have no doubt that the slew of ads on FB that relate to my interest is no coincidence.

So up pops an Ad for an online running club FB page called Lonely Goat.

The power of advertising!

Reader, I clicked.

Now, I vaguely remember seeing a fella at the Eden Half 2018 with a Lonely Goat top – can’t remember the colour I think maybe green or yellow – shout out if it was you 🐐!

Needless to say he was overtaking me.

I had a peek at the website and requested to join the FB chat out of interest.

Anyway – I’ve joined the Lonely Goats, which judging from the numbers of new folk posting for the first time, appears to be going somewhat viral!

The values and ethos of the club are great, and translate into a caring and supportive atmos if you can have such a thing in cyberspace. People post their good times, crappy runs, c25k woes and wonders, as well as hosting marathoners and beyond. They receive validation and the occasional virtual kick up the butt to get laced up, get out there and get going

Fave LG attributes

  • Supportive and motivating
  • Online
  • No need for chit chat if I see anyone out in their shirt cos I’m in stealth mode, but I can say hi if I want
  • Keep running on my own



I may even succumb to the temptation to show I belong and to buy more lovely kit I don’t need!